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Murphy Builders is committed to being an ethically and morally responsible company and has developed an Integrated Management System (IMS) that seeks to comply with AS/NZS 4801:2001 (Guidelines for Work Health and Safety Management System).

The Management System is underpinned by Murphy Builders mission statement to provide the highest quality construction within budget, on time and without sacrificing the health and safety of its workers, subcontractors, the environment, or the community.

The IMS has been developed in consultation with key stakeholders within the organisation, including all procured subcontractors, suppliers and consultants. It is based on the following Australian and International Standards:

AS/NZS 4801:2001 Work Health and Safety Management Systems
AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems
AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems


Murphy Builders is an accredited builder with the Federal Safety Commission (FSC) under ‘The Australian Government Building and Construction WHS Accreditation Scheme’. The FSC criteria for WH&S far exceeds guidelines and expectations as outlined in the general standards of the WHS Act 2011, the WHS Regulations 2011, the Code of Practice for Building Construction and all other legislation.

Murphy Builders is committed to providing safe, healthy and productive workplaces and accepts that, so far as reasonably practicable, all Murphy Builders employees and subcontractors working on our projects should be able to attend to their duties without risk of injury and in a safe and healthy working environment.

Murphy Builders recognises that legal compliance is regarded as a minimum standard. Our objective is to ensure that all Murphy Builders activities promote and preserve Health and Safety with a Management System that not only benchmarks the legislative criteria, but also encourages us to work to a higher standard. Murphy Builders expects a high standard of Health and Safety on all their sites and have implemented a Safety Management System that supports and this culture as a priority.


Murphy Builders is committed to establishing measurable objectives and targets in line with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems, all the while being mindful of potential improvements aimed at elimination of impacts on the quality of our product.

Procedures have been developed that detail methods for identification at critical points of delivery to the final built structure. These critical points are used as the basis for establishing quality objectives and targets.

Identified critical points during construction are assessed to determine their compliance with the Quality Standard through regular inspection and testing. Such testing is documented and when necessary, corrective actions initiated where required.


Murphy Builders understands that every aspect of our operation should be in accordance with the values and emerging factors that safeguard our environment. The company acknowledges that our environment and community engagement are important to the success of our work, and believe in long term planning and sustainable development, recognising that our present actions will impact our next generation.

Murphy Builders comply with all the relevant laws that address the needs of protecting our environment in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004. The team adopts best practice management across our operations, and also complies with the environmental policies of our clients and require all subcontractors to uphold these same environmental values.

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